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We provide our Members, Customers, and Subscribers with access to our ever expanding network of Medical Professionals, Industry Leaders, Innovators, and Product Suppliers. The combination of these resources allows us to address your specific needs and concerns regarding our products, their applications and efficacy.  Our referral network is available for individual consultations through our web-site.  Explore our site to discover our resources and offerings.



Complementary to our consultation resources, are our Affiliates.  They consist of carefully selected product providers and sources. We combine our growing affiliations with established  alternative wellness organizations  Physicians and Practitioners  to provide a broad spectrum of information.  Our goal is to educate and inform consumers, empower and support advocates of alternative wellness products and services.



The entrepreneurial energy of our organization is generated by the efforts of our Partners.  Not only do they play an important role in product development, marketing, and distribution, they also enhance our presence in the marketplace through their participation in forums, conventions, and industry events.  Our Wholesale Distribution Network expands our retail presence, while offering our network Partners  the opportunity to offer our effective high quality products and services while expanding their diverse consumer base.


Our Partners also include our Retail Distribution Network, consisting of Medical Professionals and Providers, Retail Outlets, and  Direct Product Suppliers. Each is woven into the fabric of our Purpose and Corporate objectives.



We are anxious to enhance the credibility and acceptance of alternative medical products and services.  We collaborate with providers on multiple levels and across the full spectrum of the industry.  Our participation in National Conferences as Speakers and Moderators enables us to stay abreast of industry developments and quickly identify market trends.  Our membership Organizations allow us to expand our reach to those who share our educational commitments and dedication to providing broad access to alternative treatments to the Public.  We are committed to utilize our growing collaborative resources to enhance our products and services,

while expanding our presence and influence within the alternative health and wellness space. 



Our inspiration and vision springs from our commitment to create a suite of products and services that enhances the lifestyle and overall wellness of our Clients and Consumers.  We offer innovative solutions and alternative wellness products designed and sourced by established and developing suppliers, as well as our own proprietary brands and products.


From our inception, we have been committed to building a portfolio of the highest quality sources and providers of alternative wellness products and services. Our Partnerships and affiliations reflect our dedication to the purity, quality, and consistency of our products, and services.


Our unique and proprietary blends combined with the talents and resources of our partner, affiliates, and sources make us unique within our industry. Our structure allows us to quickly and effectively respond to the ever changing landscape of our industry.


We recognize and appreciate the social and corporate responsibility that we assume as we accomplish our mission. We are committed to dedicating a portion of our resources toward the common good.  To that end, we will initiate and participate in various wellness programs, and diverse initiatives with an emphasis on education. Our goal is to provide access to our products and services to individuals and organizations who lack the resources to benefit from our efforts.  We will achieve these goals through philanthropic activities, and by encouraging Governmental reforms, programs and consumer incentives.


Our strategy going forward is to align, affiliate with, and/or acquire a portfolio of Companies, suppliers, distributors, and affiliates that offer products and services that are complementary to our existing and developing product line while accomplishing our social and philanthropic  mandates.



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