CBD Spa Launches Exploratory Committee for First Location

CBD Spa (a subsidiary company under Nature's Secret Holdings) has launched an exploratory committee to search for it's first spa location. As of today, the committee has found a location inside the fitness center PUMPS Fitness, located at 9009 Town Center Pkwy in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

CBD Spa is now in the process of acquiring the permits to enter the location and is planning on opening the spa by the end of Q2 or the start of Q3.

CBD Spa's proprietary CBD Massage Oil and Aroma Therapy line will be supplied to the spa for the health practitioners to utilize in their services.

About CBD Spa

CBD will change the world, and CBD Spa is passionate on helping to make that a reality.

After years of research, CBD Spa has found the perfect formula to revitalize you from the inside out. Each product was specifically crafted, ingredients hand picked, to provide the results and balance you've been searching for.

Their vision is to help nourish the human body by reactivating the Endocannabinoid System that has been neglected for over a millennia.

For more information, visit: cbdspa.us

About PUMPS Fitness

PUMPS Fitness brings life to your workout in a clean and professional environment. Our training focuses on Fundamentals and Functionality, while our classes are upbeat and challenging.

With our years of expertise and diversity, we provide the workouts that your body, mind, and soul require, at all ages and levels of fitness.

For more information, visit: pumpsgym.com

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