PUMPS Fitness Signs Partnership Agreement with Nature's Secret Holdings

Nature's Secret Holdings is pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a working interest in PUMPS Fitness.  This acquisition is consistent with our growth strategy of expanding and complimenting our existing product offerings by establishing strategic alliances with the highest quality organizations. This expansion provides footing in the fitness sector of the health and wellness space.

This agreement will transfer PUMPS's responsibilities of Operations, Oversight, and Financial Management to Nature's Secret Holdings.

About PUMPS Fitness

PUMPS Fitness brings life to your workout in a clean and professional environment. Our training focuses on Fundamentals and Functionality, while our classes are upbeat and challenging.

With our years of expertise and diversity, we provide the workouts that your body, mind, and soul require, at all ages and levels of fitness.

For more information, visit: pumpsgym.com

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